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About Hayley

Hayley Worsham is a researcher focusing on the intersection of global health, existential risk, and communication theory. Hayley graduated with a Master of Science in Global Health from Brown University, and a Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a Health Promotion emphasis from Brigham Young University.  


Hayley is on a quest to learn more about the universe and gain knowledge from the world around her. She enjoys helping others solve problems, dissecting research findings and methodologies, and learning about effective altruism, rationality, philosophy, psychology, politics, and various cultures. In 2018, Hayley spent time in Zambia educating adolescents about topics such as HIV and reproductive health. Hayley's own transformation from Mormon to secular, the times that she has changed her mind about big ideas, her background in global health, and her hope for the future are the main sources of inspiration for starting her blog MindCambio.


Hayley lives in California and likes being in nature, going on walks with her dog, singing, writing, reading, watching movies, and connecting with others. 


 Let's connect.

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